WordPress 6.0 “Arturo” has been released

“Arturo” welcomes you.
Arturo and WordPress 6.0 are named after Grammy-winning jazz musician Arturo O’Farrill. Arturo has released more than 15 CDs over five decades and is known for his influence on contemporary Latin jazz.

Take a look at WordPress 6.0, which is designed to help you achieve your creative goals and make your site-building experience more natural. Also, listen to some of Arturo’s inspiring sounds, which include Afro Cuban jazz, current Latin jazz, and more.

What’s Inside

Selecting multiple lines of text from two blocks

Enhanced Writing Experience

Whether you’re writing a fresh new post or adding components to an existing page, there are always ways to improve your writing. Look into other options for streamlining your content creation process, such as:

• To make copying and pasting easier, select text across numerous blocks.

• To rapidly view a list of recent posts and pages, use two open brackets ‘[[‘.

• When converting some blocks from one type to another, such as from a paragraph block to a Code block, keep the existing styles.

• Create customised buttons, and any new buttons you create will automatically preserve the style customizations.

• Updated settings and controls, as well as a new outline style for the tag cloud, make tag clouds and social symbols even more appealing.

Style variations of Twenty Twenty Two theme

Style Switching 

Multiple style variations can now be contained in block themes. This enhances the new Style system by allowing shortcuts to change the look and feel of your site while staying inside the same theme. You can alter both the available settings, such as font-weight, and the style options, such as the default colour palette, in block themes that support this feature. With only a few clicks, you can change the look and feel of your website.

Popover listing available templates

More Template Choices

Author, date, categories, tag, and taxonomy are five new template choices for block themes in WordPress 6.0. Content developers will have more flexibility with these additional templates. Customize each with the tools you currently have or the new features in this release:Featured images can be used in the cover block.

• New image sizing options make it easier to achieve the desired results.

• The quick inserter displays patterns and template sections when editing a template, at the root, or between blocks, to help you work faster and find new layout alternatives.

• The query box allows for multiple author filtering, custom taxonomies, and customising what is displayed when there are no results.Browsing footer patterns in the quick inserter

Integrated Patterns

Patterns will now appear in even more locations, including the fast inserter and when creating a new header or footer. If you’re a block theme author, you may even utilise ‘theme.json’ to register patterns from the Pattern Directory, allowing you to prioritise which patterns are most useful to your theme’s users.

Additional Design Tools

With each new version, design tools become more powerful and intuitive. • A new colour panel design saves space while still displaying your options at a glance with version 6.0.

• New border controls make it easier to customise your border to your liking.

• Color transparency levels allow for even more creative colour combinations.

• Use the Group block to control spacing, margins, typography, and more across a group of blocks at once.

• To arrange groups of blocks with more layout flexibility, choose between stack, row, and group variations.• Use the Gallery block’s gap support functionality to create a variety of styles, from adding spacing between all photos to eliminating it entirely.Selecting multiple blocks in the list view

Better List View

You may now pick numerous blocks from the list view, change them in bulk, and drag and drop them inside the list using new keyboard shortcuts. List View is simple to use and close; by default, it is collapsed, and when you select a block, it expands to the current selection.Unlocking the block in the block toolbar

Block Locking Controls

You can now secure your blocks. You can disable the ability to move, remove, or both blocks. This streamlines project handover, allowing your clients to express their creativity without fear of accidently destroying their website.

Improved Performance in WordPress 6.0

This release includes several updates focused on improving the performance of WordPress. These enhancements cover a range of performance areas including improving the page and post-load speed, reducing the execution time of various query types, caching, navigation menus, and much more. The performance team working group is an important focus area of the core development team. For more information on this group’s work, please follow their work on Making WordPress with the #performance hashtag.

Enhancing WordPress 6.0 Accessibility

Accessibility is an integral part of the WordPress mission of fostering an inclusive community and supporting users of all types around the world. With this in mind, WordPress 6.0 includes more than 50 updates specifically focused on enhancing the accessibility of the platform. You can read about these updates and learn more about the accessibility initiatives that are ongoing.

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